Contact T. Carlos “Tim” Anderson to speak about restorative justice. He’s spoken to groups all over Texas – Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Amarillo, Temple, Seguin – and is available to speak to your group in person as conditions allow or via teleconference.

“T. Carlos Anderson’s presentation based on There is a Balm in Huntsville was remarkable: riveting to the audience, provocative for our social consciences, and gripping to our hearts.” 

Dr. Annette Citzler, Texas Lutheran University

“Our prison ministry organization knew T. Carlos Anderson’s book was very well written. During his recent presentation, Anderson captured in his incredible gift of storytelling both the offender and victim sides of crime. His vivid verbal descriptions put me inside a prison and the audience could feel like they were part of the experience: witnessing inmates in prison actually change for the better.”

Jim Buffington, Bridges To Life, Chief Operating Officer 

“T. Carlos Anderson’s presentation on There Is A Balm in Huntsville was moving and informative. He shared just enough of the story to connect with those who had read the book and to engage those who had not. His description of the ‘Victim-Offender Dialogue’ program, and the healing and restoration that results, was heart-warming and encouraging.”

Betty Matejowsky, Marble Falls, Texas

“T. Carlos Anderson is an American treasure. He knows this country’s history well and uses it to promote common good. Time flew by during his presentation as he wove his book’s message with humor and kindness.”

Lanny Wilson, MD, Chicago, Illinois

“Anderson’s presentation is lively, open, and engaging. Hopeful and personal, this conversation nudges us away from our habitual competition in the culture of excess and into thoughtful commitment to the common good – into being neighbors.”

Dawn Silvius, Pastor, San Antonio, Texas