Welcome to my new website. I’ve been writing for public consumption since 2013 and this website has links to most of my work since that time: blog posts in support of both of my books, faith-related and op-ed newspaper articles, and other pieces that I’ve had published.

You’ll also find my book review list linked here – soon to be living, breathing and expanding on this website.

I like to tell important stories. That’s not to say that other writers don’t tell compelling stories. I’m an incorrigible non-fiction reader and most all of my writing flows out of the research and work I do as a socially-minded minister. Like many of you, I live with the impression that we only have so much time in this place: Why not spend it doing the best you can do – to share love, call out and stand up to bullshit, and try to leave this place in a better spot before your turn to exit approaches?

T. Carlos “Tim” Anderson – I’m a Protestant minister and Director of Community Development for Austin City Lutherans (ACL), an organization of a dozen ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) congregations in Austin, Texas. I’m also the author of There is a Balm in Huntsville: A True Story of Tragedy and Restoration from the Heart of the Texas Prison System (Walnut Street Books, 2019).

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